“RMC does all the legwork for us
and we only speak with highly
interested prospects ready to talk.”

Bill Shier - Chicago, IL

RMC strives to do as much legwork as possible so your sales people can spend more time selling. Therefore, we spend as much time as we need to getting a lead ready for your sales representative. To this end, we only deliver leads by live transfer when they are ready to be sold. Your representative will only be talking to motivated consumers when they are ready to talk and ready to act. Stop wasting money paying your trained sales force to telemarket. It's time for prospectors to prospect and sales people to sell.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves...

"All of our leads have a 100% contact rate."
"Connecting with a prospect within one minute of their inquiry increases conversions by 391%."
"If you're not 1st, you might as well be last."
"All leads are delivered exclusively so you will be competing with zero competitors."
"78% of all sales are won by the first company to speak with the prospect."